October 2006

Yesterday joined Bachin and the gang for a 60km roadride. 9 of us rode from Sg. Tekala parking area (9.00 a.m.) to Kuala Kelawang trunk road with a lengthy moderate climb until km 33.  To my surprised, there were lots of cyclist up and down the road…ramai giler! Went down until to the junction towards Pekan Bt 18 Ulu Langat for a flat kampung road. Passed by Sg. Lui where lots of beautiful weekend bungalows located.

Had my second roti canai for the morning at Bt 18 (the first one was before ride at Kajang Perdana). Rode to Pekan Bt 14 and climbed the torturous Bukit Ulu Langat for 3km. It was steep plus my leg starts to gell out. Sun starts burning the skin. Had a short break at the peak & continued with fast swerving downhill. Lenguh tangan tekan brek sbb roadbike punya brek lever ada susah sikit mau tekan.

Another 10km along the dam until reaching Sg Tekala again at 12.30 p.m. It was so cool for a workout especially after 1 month no cycling during ramadhan & due to the haze.


This year raya leave starts early since deepavali falls 3 days earlier than raya. Thought of leaving for JB on saturday but had our last weekend break fast at kg. pandan. Left JB sunday morning at 10.00 taking our sweet time. Traffic was ok but felt sleepy on the 2nd hour. Nasib baik Abu & An called to wish raya…terus hilang ngantuk. Haze was bad once entered Johor.

Hari raya in JB was like previous years only that bibik not around but umar is. It was raining heavily in the afternoon, cleared a bit of the haze though. First day diet was 200% ketupat & kari both houses visited including my moms all time favourite chicken curry…triple pergh!!!

2nd day left for Batu Pahat & Muar in the afternoon. Another 2 uncles. Left for KL from Muar at 9.30pm & got stucked from Pedas-Linggi to Nilai. It was 1.00 in the morning & R&R Seremban was like first day Tesco open for business. Crazy. Parked at the lorry parking bay & dozed off for 20 minutes. Woke up & still it was bumper to bumper. Drove off and reached home at 2.00am.

3rd raya was unstoppable ziarah. 4 houses completed, all along MRR2…hehe. Pakcik Nasir in Pandan Indah, Bang Long Hamzah in Melawati, Makdie in Sentul & Achik in Selayang. Still heavy rains continued everyday and it was a beautiful sight of KL’s blue sky.

The rest of the first week raya was spent visiting other relatives and receiving some guests as well. Salute to wifey for the excellent skills & continuously serving the guests without bibik at side.  As for my kids, they stayed cute & adorable during hari raya.

Monday blues paling blue yang pernah aku alami, maybe sebab faktor puasa & jerebu yang semakin teruk. API reading area Gombak cecah 100. Tekak dah rasa berpasir bila dok kat luar more than 10 minutes.

Tengahari aku terus start kereta & head to tempat2 lepak yang ideal. Bikepro it is. Kali ni aku visit sebab Alwin kata banyak stok kasut shimano baru sampai. Rupanya serupa macam last month aku mai, in fact berkurang lagi ada la. Cakap je lah, nak pi jenguk roadie baru Scott speedster 20 kaler merah specially imported from Belgium…ceh.

Habis aku jenguk & selongkar semua kotak kasut kat kedai. Almost gave up. Dah ler Yap from KSH latest updates kata Sidi will only available after November. Shimano lagi la xde berita. Drastic move kena buat, or else ada potensi my current Sidi will kopak tengah2 ulu banat kat Kajang Perdana time PCC nanti.

“Boonfoo! Any shoe you can find me with size 40, aku beli terus!” Apa lagi, tauke ni pun siap panjat tangga jenguk kotak2 sidi kat depan. Jumpa Sidi Rampa, all black with 2 straps. “Ni murah je nih…200 lebih” dia kata. Ini serupa la mcm Bullet yang aku pakai sekarang, ingat mau cari performance sikit, yang ada buckle tu.

Dia bawak pi tengok kat shelf tengah2 tu pulak, korek belakang2, jumpa 2 sidi! Mtb eagle aluminium colour ’06 $420. Satu lagi old stock Dominator 5 at $360 all black. Fikir punya fikir, wa sambar the black one. Kaler alu tak ngam dgn xtc aku. Gores & nangis. Janji mental hilang kacau.

Alwin suggested aku cari another pair of time atac pedals, lebih jimat, so tak payah cari another of road shoes. Belasah.

This year like the previous years also, working was less productivity. Tambah lagi September salary masuk pada 36hb Sept. Company dah mula mental kacau. So, I started making moves.

50% work-50% personals, 6 days a week for the whole Ramadhan. Definitely salary October dapat after raya, so duduk diam2 je. Since maid’s away, anything related to cycling kena put aside dulu. Web bbs dah jarang masuk…hehehe. Especially after spending repair mtb last week.

The 50% personals were mainly relates to car hunts. My next car would be a used and cheap mpv. After my last teh tarik session with Nasir somewhere before puasa gave me the idea. Biasalah, bila sembang dengan Nasir pasal kereta selalunya have the same idea. The last time we had was when both of us happen to own a 190E. Then jual, janji dapat merasa pakai merz.

THE IDEA : Typical growing family needs a decent mpv. The era of mpv hits Malaysia last 3 years. Avanza was selling like hot cakes when they hit the jackpot with the cheapest mpv around. Too bad the market was manipulated. I was patience, but actually tak mampu…hehehe. Estima new model pun popular among the rich. Habis semua recond car showroom penuh dengan estima, wish & stream. Semua above RM100k. Tak payah tengok la. On the road pun banyak dah until now. Definitely monthly instalment range from 1-2k.

And so, Nasir kata..let’s go and get ourselves used & cheap MPVs.  He mentioned Serena & Spacewagon. Aku teringat Masnoor’s bad experience owning a Serena when suddenly the car mati tengah jalan sebab electronic failure. Cut that one out although current price around $30k+. Aku pun mula hunt on the webs serentak dengan mulanya puasa. Then teringat Zuki who owns a Citroen ZX. Bought it for 19k & paying monthly for ONLY $200! Macam main kutu…hahaha! Asked for his opinion, apa lagi member pun terus rekomen the continental MPVs la.

A few visits at used car dealers and aku dah mula jatuh cinta dengan Citroen Evasion. Kembaran dia Fiat Ulysee & Peugeot 806. Engine, chasis, body semua sama came from the same vendor cuma lampu depan & belakang je lain. Ulysee accessories lebih sikit sebab ada leather seats whereas Evasion normally fabric je. Pug 806 paling rare. Local auto forums kata these conti cars are based on buyers price, bukan market price.

Generally 1997 MT priced at less than $32k. Of course MT is preferable. From forums seems like spareparts not a problem but the price a bit more i.e. timing belt inclusive labour around $500. Year 2002 priced at $60k+. Year 2000 $50k. With 85-90% loan, monthly instalment would be around $500-$600…cool.

It’s a 7 seater MPV, 2 front, 3 middle & 2 rear…and all are individuals. Easy to take out and arrange to our preferred seating layouts. Aircon system pun ok. Will wait for next year and see the price which in the mean time I have to settle whatever unecessary hutangs yang ada. Go contis!!!

Yurrp…semalam maid aku terbang pulang ke kampung halaman di Madiun, Jawa Timur untuk sebulan beraya di kampung setelah 3 tahun tak balik. Hantar ke LCCT dgn Azhan, my neighbour since maid dia pun pulang sekali.

 Since 3 tahun tak pulang, 3 tahun punya barang pun accumulated… 6 bags! Average berat 15kg. Kena charge for access baggages RM244,  nasib baik. Estimated timbang guna bathroom scale at home mencecah RM600…hehehe. Memang sah bathroom scale aku silap calibrate.

Ramai indon pulang, access baggage lebih banyak dari penumpang. Check in at Surabaya kaunter lebih ramai dari Jakarta. Untuk settle boarding pass & baggages je dah hampir 2 jam. Nasib baik left home early at 9.30am. Almost 12.30pm baru selesai, itupun sebab ada satu spesis polis airport yg poyo tak allow hand luggage more than one, terpaksa hantar pi kargo semula. Memang langsung tak memudahkan manusia. Nak poyo tak kena tempat, lain kali nak poyo pi dajal pak arab…baru bertemu buku dengan ruas. Ini maid aku yang hidup susah, dia lagi nak nyusahkan.

Selesai at LCCT, pi masuk town… amik med at Dr. Kader since my 2 sons dah heavy selsema. Drop by at Syabas sent application by hand to Aris (junior college), happen to be dia HR kat situ. If ada rezeki, first 2 stages screening maybe boleh lepas. Interview kena pulun sendiri, dia tak dapek nak tolong. Kepala aku dah mula fikir preps for the interview…hehe. Maklum lah dah 4 tahun tak attend interview.

Today, Fida cuti took care of the kids. Habis semua bunga silat keluar. Aku arrived at home after work pun took over sikit jaga kids while she cooked for buka posa. It was like playing futsal… fast game but fun. Tak sempat amik nafas. Aku bet if maid aku main futsal, sure dia tak pongeh…hahaha!

Malam pi Tesco, tapi Umar dah tido. So aku & Amir did the fast shopping. As expected Friday night memang ramai, so aku grab apa yang dalam list aje. Came back home & stocked up all the groceries while Ida tidurkan kids. Now I have my own style of managing the kitchen…hehehe, like I used to do 7 years ago masa belum ada maid.

It was last Tuesday when I’ve decided to punish my wallet with a visit to KSH PJ. Brought along Giant for a sneek preview of the next horror film. Saiful & Alwin was there to share the enlightenment.

Bottom bracket ($130), headset ($80), XT chainrings ($70), new gear & brake cables ($70), hub regreasing, rear v-brake pad. And the worse part, both the rims’ wall worned out already, after 2 years heavy braking.

Apa boleh buat? The bike took all the abuses for 2 years with jamborees, PCC, Balik Pulau race, Kiara carnivals, Ipoh fellowship and countless weekends’ stunts.

Malam met up another 11 mtbers at Titiwangsa for our annual ramadhan night ride. Rode 45km from Titiwangsa-Sentul-Batu Muda-Greenwood-Gombak-UIA-Karak highway-MRR2-Melawati-Projet Ulu Klang-MRR2-Ampang Point-Jln Ampang-Jln U-Thant-Jln Bkt Bintang-Jln Sultan Ismail-Jln Yap Kwan Seng-Jln Tun Razak-Titiwangsa. Averaged at 27km/hr, max 40km/hr.

Starts at 10.00pm and finished at 12.30am. Pi keje lambat…ekekekekek. Gaji pun belum masuk, baik wa layan kayuh.