January 2007

Yeah…ekspedisi jejak mat kilau yang diharungi November lalu kembali berkilau setelah tersentak dari lamunan bekerja di pejabat. Aku mendapat panggilan telefon dari Zuki mengkhabarkan bahawa muka aku masuk surat khabar, begitu juga Tun & Saiful. Lantas aku ke kedai mini berdekatan untuk mendapatkan senaskah Harian Metro yang julung kali aku beli. Ternyata muka-muka kami terpampang hampir separuh muka surat di dalam ruangan kembara terbitan Selasa, 23 Januari 2007. Tidak syak lagi, jelas kelihatan muka-muka para ekspedisi yang masih tampan berkilau sebelum mengharungi pahit getir & kelat laluan untuk 12 jam yang akan datang.


After a few road rides that was considered as bored training sessions, today we’ve decided to pump up our adrenalins by visitng the long lost trails of legendary Kiara. Triple PERGH! I gave for today’s ride. Good old days of  Kiara riding came alive after awhile abandoning it with some other newly dicsovered stuff i.e. road cycling…argh! Can’t even recall the torments…ekekekek.

Meeting time was back to the casual punctuality, mtb style…thanks to alwin for completing our waiting time to 1 hour. Btw, time was made to good use by chatting, usha-ing joggers & traffic…we don’t do these at road rides…hahaha! Only 5 of us alwin, saiful, azahari, tun & me climbing the long tarmac jogging trail among a few hundred joggers until the junction to where the trailhead starts.

Obviously, Kiara was known to it’s technical & yahoo downhills. So, you have to go up first & let the gravity entertain you. The long climb ahead up to twin peak was a revision of the technical climbing skills. Short bursts up steep trails, picking the lines, gripping the handlebar to stay balance & thrusted & staying clipped were all the recipe for success. Trail was sticky due to hours of shower the day before & that made it all so awesome.

All goes up must come down. The best of Kiara welcomed us with sincerity. I wasn’t prepared for the worst, so shouting was the best I can do to make the descents drooling…hehehe. Saiful & Alwin rolled away on the rutted & rooted trail…ooo man! I can do this! I can do this! Alwin laughed away as he passed me on one of the technical ones….cis! The sight  of Azahari & Tun didn’t appear as I turned back up the terrain…kompom depa “mtb”…ekekekek!

Trail came back flat before the long steep one at the valley. Everybody surrendered although Saiful attempted it with a slight slip half way down. Last 2 years, aku turun sini dengan sempoi-nya but not this time around. Last 2 years, this spot was even more tougher, dude… with some thorny palm species along the descents.

Mari tolak basikal up again & we stopped at the pondok before hitting the switchbacks. Yeah…I’ve gotten my guts back this time & doing the switchbacks & down some rooted drops was a breeze. It was total 200% pure adrenalin. The rest of the trail to Devi’s for our roti canai was at the tips of the brake levers & shifters…ekekekek.

We had a few merapu sessions with a few iklan by Azahari with his records of recommended “jalan-jalan cari makan” spots all over malaysia. Would be handy if next time around when we’ll be riding outside KL. We hit the holy grail again spinning along the rubber terraces & up shorts steep ones. Back to the junction & detour through the carnival race track to the carpark. Clocked in at 12.00pm. All cuts & muds were ignorable considering the bonus I had from loving Kiara.

Sabtu cuti awal muharram, so mesti mau make good of the time. Pakat dengan Saiful to buat kayuhan sempoi sambil recce jalan from our houses towards Bangi or Putrajaya, if larat. Jumpa at depan stesen komuter Serdang at 7.30am. Rupanya about 9km jugak dari btho, clocked 17 minutes. Surprisingly traffic was heavy despite the public holiday. Where are these people going? Outstation? Kerja? Sudah potong aku punya stim mau kayuh.

Teruskan kayuhan sampai ke Maybank training center in Bangi. Cut short to have our breakfast at Lot 10. Just a name locals call it sebab kat situ cuma ada 10 lot kedai makan. I bet it’s a favourite spot especially from uniten, putrajaya, upm. Since the rest of the session won’t be a killer one like Morib last week, I’ve decided to dig mee jawa…hahaha. About 40 minutes gebang & hirup kuah yang tak berapa recommended to come again, we rode back home. Again the traffic was busy. Conclusion, jalan ni tak best untuk layan. All in all, it was just a 30km in 1 hour dengan sepinggan mee jawa bangi.

The Best Of 1980-1990 (Release Date: November 1998)

Lover, I’m off the streets
I’m gonna go where the bright lights
And the big city meet
With a red guitar, on fire

She’s the candle burnin’ in my room
Yeah, I’m like the needle
The needle and spoon
Over the counter, with a shotgun
Pretty soon, everybody’s got one
I’m in a fever, when I’m beside her

And the fever, gettin’ higher
(Burning, burning).

She’s the dollars
She’s my protection
Yeah, she’s the promise
In the year of election.
Sister I can’t let you go
Like a preacher stealin’ hearts at a travellin’ show
For love or money, money, money… ?
And the fever, gettin’ higher.

Joint way2ride & some other groups combined to Morib, 76km from UKM Bangi yesterday. Supposed to meet up at MTDC carpark 7.30am but it appeared that punctuality pun casual jugak mcm berjanji kat restoran ismail before hitting kiara…hehe. Carpark MTDC pulak tengah ada construction, so semua parked at Wisma UNIKEB & hit the road at 8.30 with another 30 roadies. There was Fendi with the Penjara Kajang team, about 10 of them, about 10 of way2riders & another 10 of regu campuran…including the Camdek team, consisted of Alwin, Azahari, Azri, Saiful & me.

From UKM we rode through the old Bangi road passing PUSPATI (Pusat Penyelidikan Atom Tun Ismail) before making a right turn towards Salak Tinggi. Everybody was energetic & excited pedalling through the winding & rolling road & passing the small town itself. We were dominant on the road & it felt great…pergh!

Then we reached the simpang 4 near the Sepang circuit & headed off to pekan Sg Pelek, turning right towards Bagan Lalang. Reaching Bagan Lalang junction, half of the peloton went to the resort area while the rest of us rode off towards Morib…for another 30km flat & open stretch. That was where the energy fluctuation took place. The peloton speed caught up to 40km/hr for the last 15km but I only managed to stay with it for 5 minutes. Memang tak perasan we were going faster inside the peloton, only that muscle yang mula terasa when it gave way watching the peloton leaving me towards the endless flat. 10km more to go was following behind the van all 5 of us…hehe. Dapat la 35km/hr rather than tarik sorang2.

Rest & recovery station at one of the makan2 area fronting the Morib beach. Mee hun sop antara yang paling lazat dalam dunia pernah aku rasa. Hahahaha. Since semua macam pro, so mee hun sup with 100 plus pun ikut rate pro, rm5 per head…sembelih jangan tak sembelih.

Half & hour refuelling, we were ready to ride back the 76km route…aaargh! Muka2 kelat dah mula terukir di kalangan rider2 bukan kebangsaan. Semangat yang tekad kena ada, so I fuelled up with a pack of powergel hoping to survive the peloton for at least another 30km. Maintaining 25km/hr for the next 20 minutes with the peloton was ok but the agony befalled sooner than I expected. Both legs were starting to feel the pain, between the knee zone, generally. The effort to keep on pedalling was kept aside since I don’t plan to further injure myself to fulfill my 160km record.

I let the peloton passed by signalling Saiful to join me with the joy ride, since he agreed with it. The van came & we hitched. Another guy from w2r (Awe) joined in later after having a puncture. Then Azahari pulak after a bargaining session between us that dragged him another 10km…hehehe. All 5 of us cramped inside like Bangla squeezing betwen the cranks & chains. The van overtook the peloton & we saw all the suprised faces watching us passed by since the rear cargo door was wide open.

The van stopped at a bus top somewhere before Bagan Lalang to repair the Awe’s puncture. Saiful, Azahari & me decided to give it another shot. We rode through Sg Pelek town all the way back passing the Sepang circuit traffic light. As we approached Bdr Salak Tinggi we saw Alwin & another 2 guys at a stall refuelling the bottles. With the returning pain on my legs, I decided to bail out again for good. We reached UNIKEB at 2.00pm & had lunch at Bdr Baru Bangi to close the day.

Facts :

  • Route : Bangi to Morib
  • Distance : 160km (My distance : 109km)
  • Terrain : 95% flat
  • Weather : Awesome
  • My riding time : 3 hrs 30 minutes
  • Morale : Don’t follow a team that goes 35km/hr if you’re not ready.

Hari ni joined geng way2ride from Batu 14 to Genting Peres. Four of us turned back to Batu 14 upon reaching the peak while the rest carried on to Titi & Kuala Klawang…the horror route which I rode last few weeks…hehehe. They planned for it but I just want to make it a plain simple Sunday morning workout since a few things are still trashing my mind with other commitments.

Though we parked at Batu 14, less that we realise the way2ride gang parked their cars at Batu 18 instead until Bachin buzzed the alarm saying that we had to rush to Batu 18 to meet them. There was a slim chance of any warm up attempt for the 7km ride from Bt14 to Bt18 like we used to do.

Upon reaching the carpark beside the cool gushing river, there was the pack of about 10 riders getting ready to roll. We rolled off in big pack constantly maintaining the pace at 30-31km/hr. It was cool getting to follow the peloton at that speed instead of struggling on my own the last time I rode here with PCC. Aktiviti menarik silih berganti di antara riders & aku sempat jugak merasa for about 10 minutes. Yurp, it was a hard work.

Next was the climb up to Genting Peres. I stayed in the peloton though a few rode off following their own pace. The climb was full of conversations & jokes among us that made it a simple task. All of a sudden the UMNO signboard at the peak was visible among the thick morning cool mist.

Some earlier riders have descended towards Titi. Alwin decided to follow all the way while Saiful & me together with our new way2ride friends GG & Curve rode back to Batu 18. We rolled down passing through thick mists along the way which made the hilly view a breathtaking one.

Saiful & me stopped for a roti canai & teh tarik at Batu 18 before pedalling back to our cars finishing the ride at 11.15am. Nice workout.

It’s only the second day of 2007 & aku dah rasa macam dah berzaman tak kayuh. The last sesi tekan pedal was the ultimate disaster Kuala Klawang…hahaha, seminggu yang lalu. Keserikan hanya untuk beberapa hari je, lepas tu gian menjelma semula. Since Sunday aku dah tak sabar menunggu nak kayuh Elmina…entah kenapa tapi ada sikit teruja.

Although we were supposed to meet up at carpark Restoran Maju Ahmad at 8.15am (aku yang set the time) tapi aku yang lambat. Had to wait for Zamri…slack. Malu aaa jugak dengan geng2 yang dah sampai dari Klang which had waited for half an hour. By 9.00am dah gerak masuk ladang, all about 17 of us…mula-mula.

2 bailed out when Brahim brought us for the first 2 warm up climbs. There was this haji & another guy yang nampak macam gagap sikit shifting gears. The rest followed Brahim’s new found trail on top of the normal 20+km. The slight technical long climb was awesome dude! Well done lah Brahim! The best part was the weather. Cuaca memang menyebelahi kita bro. Redup seredup redupnya throughout the ride, it was cool especially when reaching the top of the climb. Macam kat obersi beb!

The ride was rather a casual and get together one, so the pace was a bit sluggish. We ended the ride at 12.00pm covering the same normal distance. All i did was spinned at almost every climb and the worse part was the ghostly shifting whenever using the granny gears…it was totally sucks! Maybe sebab cable tak lube. And even my focusing was turning bad, choosing the line pun macam kambing. Maybe sebab lately dok layan tarmac which requires less focusing. Crazy. Kena layan off-road selalu la macam ni.