April 2007

21-April 2007 (Sat) – Climbed Gunung Nuang (1493m) in Pangsun. It was a day trip attempt & ternyata aku tidak se-power seperti 10 tahun yang lalu…hehehe. It was supposed to be a 5 guys attempting the highest peak in Ulu Langat but only 3 made it. Here goes the story…

Tun, Waklah, Zuki, Suhaimi & me met up at the carpark at about 9.00 a.m. Due to some glitches, we started our journey leaving the ranger post at 9.45 a.m. and reached Kem Lolo an hour later. Zuki & Suhaimi were following their pace & were in dilemma whether to proceed up till Kem Lolo or straight to the peak considering a tiring day before. The rest of us followed our enthusiasms for the day…attempting the peak in a single day.

A quick 10 minutes break at Kem Lolo, Waklah, Tun & me headed on to Kem Pacat, which was another 2 hours climbing. To my surprise, the trail had changed from my last peak days years back. The trail that was used to be wide & moderate climb had turned into an almost vertical & technical one. Most of the soil seriously eroded, carving deep gullies. This will definitely formed an immense waterfall during heavy rains. The attempt drained almost half our energy. We reached Kem Pacat at 12.30 p.m. with two other groups of climbers. A 15 minutes recovery & we were off to the next station, Puncak Pengasih.

The climb to Puncak Pengasih was another nightmare for occasional climbers like Tun & me. The climb grew even more technical. Climbing up against walls of boulders was almost a routine. Pain started to be felt at knees & back as we struggled to keep our bodies upwards. The attempt almost demotivate us to proceed. However, as we met a group of Jabatan Bomba personnels whom were heading down, we were informed that the peak should be well another hour or so.

It was down from Puncak Pengasih & up again to the peak of Gunung Nuang where Tun & me clocked in at 2.25 p.m. Waklah came in about half an hour later. Zuki & Suhaimi were believed to stay at lower ground. The peak was the same. The views were still awesome with some breathtaking sceneries of the endless mountain range. Quickly it took me down memory lane of the peaceful, quite & borderless greeneries of those peaks I’ve been to.

45 minutes of muhasabah diri around the peak admiring our heritage & we were off down again completing our journey. Scaling down back to Puncak Pengasih, Kem Pacat, Kem Lolo and the ranger post pooped up our last verve and psyche. We were like dragging our feet at the last hour trying to reach ranger post at 8.45 p.m. Zuki & Suhaimi were there with hopes that we made it back safely. Suhaimi didn’t make it due to severe knee injury from recent futsal game.

Our bodies took an almost 10 hours of mix torments and pleasures. This trip obviously showed us the irresponsible humankind whom littered Nuang. Nature tried to show us it’s rage by signifying it’s seriously eroded path. Even the view from the peak were contaminated by some tree stripping earth making way for uncontrolled civilizations. The last of the water catchment might be no more if these goes on.


Semalam layan kayuh Kiara with a few old and new friends. It was top of the world. Azhar, my neighbour completed his so-called perguruan mtb after surviving Kiara full loop in one piece…hahaha.

There was Aimie, Mizi, Alwin, abg Zul, Epol, Azhar, Saiful “outdoor”, Mac & Tun “santoso” started off from carnival area. Syukor & a buddy caught up after completed the first technical descent. All was good. I was impressed with my Pilot’s performance & of course my confidence.

The route picked by the “tangga” guys was awesome, 200% technical beating time. Up twin peak – down mondo cool – roots pondok to pondok – clenched sphincter – fast swerving up & down lightning ridge – “penchala baru” – devi’s for cokes 100plus & roti canai – plan C – rumpy pumpy – boulder (somebody got a flat & a scratch on his gorgeous white fox fork – snakes & ladders – a bit up twin peaks again – stoner’s convention – race track and back to carpark.

Yeah! Memang steamed…

Ooops! Terlupa to share the sadness that happened to Kiara trail especially the trail from behind the school. It’s been taking a beating from the horse people. The rubber tree terrace, all gone. The horse people built their horse trail on the upper berm & didn’t protect our bike trails causing it to be filled with sticky eroded earth from the new horse trail. All the way until to the water tank road. Tyres got stucked, brought me back to the Mat Kilau nostalgia…scarry dude! These new horse trails shouldn’t be exposed to erosion once their built knowing our weather lately. Trust me, the school and the neighbouring drains will be clogged up by these runoffs. They are creating disaster in Kiara! Lupa mau take photos la of these ugly sights…will do it next ride.

This post should’ve been posted early April but was delayed due to some unforseen circumstances.

Time really flies. Coming up to a nice 5 years with the current employer but decision had to be made for the sake of a true mountainbiker…hahaha! Macam bagus aje bunyi. I’m leaving this beautiful organisation. Was about to settle things down but maybe, I have to make some difficult decisions. I will never know what come depan sana when April comes & working environment shall change.

well what do u know? TGIF! yeah! as of today i really appreciate the arrival of penghulu segala hari & i’m definitely happy. a week has passed which i survived so far at the new job.it has been a long depressing week. never been like that before. full of hatred & loneliness. my 1st day at work was more of an observation stage. office environment was contrasting from my old place. it’s cubicle world, man! using lifts to 3rd level. pay 1 buck for motorbike parking. carpark will squeeze as high as rm6 per entry. thousands of people walking around all over the place during lunch hour. it was chaotic. still i felt lonely.

on 2nd day the depression grew deeper. with no email connection & phoneline, i was in deep shit like being thrown on an island. time struck 12pm & i burst away leaving the office without notifying anybody…hehehe. headed for lunch with wifey & left for home. went online awhile & spent the rest of the afternoon in bed. ignored a few office phone calls & pray to god for strength.

3rd day was cool with a slight phobia clinging deep inside. 12pm wa cari excuse to awol myself. headed to klfm. cabin guys were excited upon hearing my motorbike. huru hara kejap. shared with them of my cold experience, checked email & lunch at ketapang. went back to yap kwan seng for the whole afternoon just wining away.

4th day was looking forward to attend a meeting in the afternoon. everything was cool. 5th day…huhu! tgif dude! been busy with the task from yesterday’s meeting & managed to finish in time. alhamdullillah.

Sunday (1-April’07) – The first epic for 2007 and we chosed Pertak to be it. 8 of us Acong, abang Zul, Man, Brahim, Saiful, Izani, his friend and me. 6 on mountainbikes while Izani & his friend rolled in with motorbike. We rolled in to R&R Rawang at 7.15 a.m. meeting the rest from Ulu Klang. A quick 10 minutes pit stop and we headed for Kuala Kubu Baru for another hour of cold morning drive through Rasa. Izani & his friend met us at the Sg. Selangor Dam entrance junction. Sky was not promising as dark clouds hovers above the big lake and it’s surrounding catchment. We drove into the orang asli settlement upon arrival of Izani. Houses look like holiday chalets when they were compensated with it after their old settlement was inundated by the dam construction. We parked at the end of the tarmac road where the trail head is. Gushing river was heard filling up the morning air. We suited up and began our ride into the unknown hills of Pertak forest by 9.00 a.m.

It was climbing all the way 7 km to the end with one river crossing. Took us about 2 hours to reach the end of the trail. Certain stretches reminded us of Kemensah Kem Sleh trail, Sg. Pusu trail and in fact a bit of Sg. Dua. Trail was shaded with thick canopies. 80% rideable climb. Some technical climbs were something that we had fun with…hehehe. We took our leisurely climb, stopping about 4 times. It rained as we near the end. An hour of break at the supposed to be a spacious camping ground surrounded by huge and hugh green slope on one side and the mighty Pertak river on the other. We chat, eat, click and laugh away at whatever nonsense jokes came across…in the drizzling rain.

We rolled back at 1.00 p.m. The fast descent took us about 40 minutes to reach back down. All was great. Loads of endos and face plants occurence considering the rocky technical trail and slippery bunds. To add to the challenge, it was raining heavily loading the overhanging leaves covering our sights as we chose our line. Saiful was leading, definitely because he had his full-sussy. I followed close by before running out of rear brake pads. Azhar and Ibrahim were always there to watch me clumsily penalised by chosing the wrong line. Leeches were feasting on us as we picked them away. These are gruelling ons, even our bikes were under attack.

Acong, abang Zul and Man checked in at the river crossing 5 minutes after us. We rode back to our cars and washed up by the river where we took ourl last glimpse of the breathtaking view of the upper catchment of Pertak. Izani and friend arrived 15 minutes later. We drove off and had our lunch at the peaceful and serene KKB town before spending the next hour stucked in traffic jams at Batang Kali and Rawang trunk road.