After spending a few rides around Ulu Langat routes, wa punya stim to hit the tarmac mula memuncak again after completing my last Sunday’s ride to Tekala. Yes, a few months back I was kinda burnt out as a result of self-excitement melebihi kemampuan. Bila mula tekan pedal, mula-lah flashback of all those torments and agonies masa lalu…but not this time.

10-June 2007. The Sunday morning drive to Batu 14 was a typical one, meeting the rest of team Camdek except Alwin who rides with PCC today. The way2ride guys were there at the carpark. We’ve agreed to follow them but at our own pace considering we’ve lost gauge of our performance & strength after been abscent from road rides awhile. There was quite the usual faces & they greeted us with “Lama tak nampak?”. And my nickname that they gave during previous rides started to fill the morning air again considering the current hot Malaysian gossip.

The warm-up length up through Batu towards Genting Peres junction was rather cool with the peloton stuck together accompanied with chats & jokes. Upon turning towards Tekala, the first climb broke it all…hehehe. I was in the mid-end of the pack which was already sorted out into 3 groups. Azahari was ahead of me fading away as we cut through the undulating and scenic route of the Semenyih Dam. My last sight of Saiful was after I climbed the famous straining hill before reaching the Peres junction. The ride to Tekala was awesome due to a mix of some bitter climbs and long fast descents. Weather and sweat work was great. We spent the next half an hour at Tekala stall for refreshments & chat around.Everybody rode back the same route instead of way2ride’s earlier plan to do the Semenyih loop back to Batu 14. Riding back was kind of a good workout for a few of us. I peaked my enthusiasm for road cycling at this moment. Undeniable it was, I was already looking forward for more future rides in my head. Every stroke of the pedal, every turn of the large crank reflected the pure energy transfer in reaching back Batu 14. It ws pure science, sheer adrenaline ans chasted pleasure…woohoo!

Through it all, it was a fantastic work out with nice riding buddies. A total distance of about 60km in approximate 2 hours.