The last time aku wrote a post here was after riding Janda Baik with PCC. A week later aku revisit the route again with my buddies, more of a trial ride. Why? Sebab kami try out new stuff on that ride. Aku baru sambar new pair of road shoes so boleh try it out with the Look pedal yang came with my bike, which aku dah simpan lama sebab takde kasut. To my surprised, Saiful pun sambar jugak a pair with new 105 pedals and new Fizik Pave. So, that morning at parking lot hospital orang asli, time flew by with us doing our last minute settings.

Climbing GS ada beza sikit. Yep, kaki memang ada melekat lebih sikit kat pedal compared to the floating feeling masa guna pedal & kasut mtb. So, power transfer tak wasted. So the climb was a bit less tiring, tambah pulak Alwin loaned me his Fizik Arione for try out. Itu pun another product to be in my next buying list. The Fizik was awesome, tak macam standard stock Scott saddle yang aku guna selama ni, which after a while, aku mesti adjust my posture to get comfortable. Power transfer with the stiff sole of the road shoes, and the road pedals was magnificent! Best giler! 200% power! Hahaha! No wonder orang lain semua power.

Unfortunately our journey into Janda Baik was cut short sebab time was not on my side. Aku kena ciao awal. Dah le start lambat. We had teh tarik just about 500m after the pintu gerbang. The climb back was macam biasa…penuh kelengitan. The rolling down 16km back, aku belasah bagi work out this weekend worth while.

Impian aku untuk teruskan stim kayuh dengan kasut baru terpaksa cut short sebab ada family trip. Things got even worse bila my health was compromised. Trial ride at RRI for bikezooka, Tekala ride & even bikezooka itself semua gone. Double slack! My right arm was stung. Just above the wrist. It happened masa nak ke meeting in Shah Alam last Tuesday. Sakit giler. I don’t know whether it was a bee or a wasp but the thorn stucked on my hand was scary. Tangan dah macam Popeye. Dah habis stim dah aku rasa. After that, things came crushing down. Soar throat followed by fatigue & selsema. Fitness level from Sabah pun entah2 dah gone jugak. Aaaargh!!!!

Anyway, something did help me to keep up my adrenaline during the period, and it was these guys…hahaha! Totally awesome!