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Those weeks that was…betul ke aku susun ayat? Belasah je. Ever since the much awaited duathlon series was cancelled, hidup sebagai extrovert telah menjadi huru hara. Bagaikan secebis bulu ayam yang ditiup kejap ke atas, kejap ke bawah, ke kiri, ke kanan & entah ke mana-mana jua. All those trainings with roadcycling, running seemed macam takde purpose.

Macam mana la duahtlon boleh takde sponsor tahun ni sedangkan our government should realise that multi-discipline sports dah gain popularity among Malaysians. Ini nak harapkan all those crap activities yang involved more protocols to welcome the VIPs than the sport itself i.e. rakan muda or anything under the belia & sukan…karut giler. No wonder quickrelease taknak approach the ministry sebab it will burden them to think about other party’s interest than for the good of the sport itself. Silap2 haribulan, duathlon participants kena pakai t-shirt & cap macam gotong royong with ministry’s logo & somebody is making money out if it…another karut aku bagi to these buggers. To me, duathlon series are the best starting platform for amateur athletes to start the multi-discipline sports. Tak kan mula2 terus nak terjah triahtlon pulak.

Well, ever since the bbq, things have turned around a bit. The “click” among us mtbers dah came back. Plans to have more rides dah datang mencurah-curah. Alwin brought 2 mtb races in JB and Tasik Bera. Too bad the events dah dekat sangat. In fact we were planning our rides as well for the coming months, either joining local clubs or our own.

Another mail came in Friday afternoon, ada lumba haram time trial series for mtb & roadies in June & July…pergh-tua! The news was shared during our weekly gathering before solat Jumaat & it shattered a big smile on all faces…hehehe.5 days of work, finally today we made way for Batu 14 to simpang Genting Peres to loosen our legs. More of a mee jawa ride…hahaha.

This post should’ve been posted early April but was delayed due to some unforseen circumstances.

Time really flies. Coming up to a nice 5 years with the current employer but decision had to be made for the sake of a true mountainbiker…hahaha! Macam bagus aje bunyi. I’m leaving this beautiful organisation. Was about to settle things down but maybe, I have to make some difficult decisions. I will never know what come depan sana when April comes & working environment shall change.

well what do u know? TGIF! yeah! as of today i really appreciate the arrival of penghulu segala hari & i’m definitely happy. a week has passed which i survived so far at the new job.it has been a long depressing week. never been like that before. full of hatred & loneliness. my 1st day at work was more of an observation stage. office environment was contrasting from my old place. it’s cubicle world, man! using lifts to 3rd level. pay 1 buck for motorbike parking. carpark will squeeze as high as rm6 per entry. thousands of people walking around all over the place during lunch hour. it was chaotic. still i felt lonely.

on 2nd day the depression grew deeper. with no email connection & phoneline, i was in deep shit like being thrown on an island. time struck 12pm & i burst away leaving the office without notifying anybody…hehehe. headed for lunch with wifey & left for home. went online awhile & spent the rest of the afternoon in bed. ignored a few office phone calls & pray to god for strength.

3rd day was cool with a slight phobia clinging deep inside. 12pm wa cari excuse to awol myself. headed to klfm. cabin guys were excited upon hearing my motorbike. huru hara kejap. shared with them of my cold experience, checked email & lunch at ketapang. went back to yap kwan seng for the whole afternoon just wining away.

4th day was looking forward to attend a meeting in the afternoon. everything was cool. 5th day…huhu! tgif dude! been busy with the task from yesterday’s meeting & managed to finish in time. alhamdullillah.

There ain’t no shame looking at a good runner’s back. Now, if the runner sucks, that’s something else entirely…The Rage 

18-March 2007 (Sunday) – Participated in AmBank Kuala Lumpur International Marathon (KLIM). Not even the slightest dream of doing the full marathon, neither the half but only the quarter…10km. I clocked 1.02 hours running the 10km route around KL city in the early Sunday morning with Saiful, Alwin, Azahari and another 3000 more participants in the same category. Some other better breeds did the half and full i.e. Bachin, Azmar, Stupe, Asri, etc.

The day started off at 5.30 a.m. as I left the house to meet Saiful and Alwin at Padang Merbok. Parking was ample and dark. I was only able to gobble up half a powerbar. We walked towards Dataran Merdeka for signing in supposed to be at 6.30 a.m. As we waited to be flagged off, the first full marathoner crossed the finish line clocking about 2.21 hours. We started running sharp at 7.00 a.m.

Honestly speaking, I was still in doubt of my capacity to finish in time considering the unscheduled training that was underwent for the last few months. Recalculating the training pace was something that really worries me but to day, it was only between me & me…training days were gone. Stretching was only done inside the congested paddock behind the starting line, not quite a complete one after every stretch of my legs were kicked by others. Considering the time & space constraints, warming up were only done during the first 15 minutes of the run.

Route was kind of interesting. Upon leaving Dataran Merdeka, we headed towards Masjid Negara & pass by the KL nostalgic railway station before reaching Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. Onto Jln Hang Tuah, Jln. Imbi, Jln. Bukit Bintang, Jln. Sultan Ismail & bursting the last stretch of about 1.5km of Jln. Tuanku Abdul Rahman & crossing the finish line at Dataran Merdeka again.

Loads of type of runners can be seen. Some even had me doubtful of whether he can survive the run looking at his unappropriate attire. Ada yang bawak PDA! Ada yang pakai kasut old school badminton master tapak hijau. Tapi ada jugak yang dressed for success but ended up breeze walking aje. A couple was running & pushing their baby in a stroller. One Indian guy was running with his knapsack, long track bottom, cotton t-shirt and he was running besides me along Jln. TAR…caya la. Me, was only in my Mizuno wave run 2005 dri-fit t-shirt (bought for 5 bucks during WOS warehouse sale), a nikefootball short bought the day before & my trusted new balance.

Kaki rasa ok cuma sometimes angin ada sikit  slow macam “cipan in labour” but all good. Saiful & me were pacing each other throughout except for the part he suffered from the 100 plus gassy syndrome after the Jln. Imbi water station…hehehe. At certain stretches I paced myself a bit slow, maybe lactate threshold dah dekat but the desire to push on drove me to catch up again.

As we ran up the only hill at Jln. Bukit Bintang infront of Marriot, two Mat Salleh ladies were cheering every runners but the Indons and Banglas from the nearby construction site were amazed of the passing crowd. Passing by Jln. Sultan Ismail, I was enticed by the smell of curry from a nearby mamak’s. As we ran the stretch of Jln. Sultan Ismail, Alwin caught up after his session run with a friend after the start off. It seems like he was pacing with less effort taking into account of his long steps. We saw him floating away into the front runners & dispersed.

Saiful & me have decided to squeeze our last strength upon reaching Jln. TAR towards Dataran. I started gearing up my pace as I passed Pertama Complex assuming Saiful would do the same. I just concentrated on my strength and strided away passing Sogo, Kamdar & all those shops. It was an awesome achievement. Saiful was about to catch up with me but perut sudah tangkap cramp pulak during the last few meters.

The satisfaction of running was concluded ranking myself at 317th placing which qualifies for the first 500 finisher medals. On top of that, we also qualified for the 1 hr 20 minutes qualifying time for the 10km and was awarded with a finisher certificate.

Finally, another rewarding session was the Malaysian Sunday breakfast. Mee wantan special & the famous nasi lemak Tangling at Lake Garden was the final stop before we ended our super Sunday at 11.00 a.m.


  • Event : Ambank KL International Marathon 2007
  • Venue : Dataran Merdeka
  • Category : 10 km
  • Timing : 1 hour 2 minutes



I’ve no idea of a nice title for this entry but definitely I have some to gebang about today considering what a week that was.

The weekend was more of a family ordeal. Gone back to JB for my sister’s wedding. If not for that, I might just save my expenses for other things…ekekekek. A son gotta do, what a son gotta do. Thought of leaving Friday night after wifey’s class but I was down with an introductory flu symptoms. Hit the highway first thing in the morning at 6.45am on Saturday. Maintaining cadence at 4000 rpm, managed to capture the nikah on my video at 10.30am. The afternoon was the reception and the evening was at Anfield. Live from Restoran Alif…curry house…hahaha. Very unfortunate for Liverpool whom lost 1-0 to Manu. The game was powered by kacang rebus, otak-otak, fries & milo tarik…awesome. Crowd was nice also…all pure football testosterones, no posers…not like KL. Hehehe…

The coming days were pure agony pulak. Got my nose stuffed, cough & stretchy forehead…arrgh! Weather was almost the same. Hot at mid-day, wet through the evening & freezing cold in the morning. Perfect disaster for an unstable antibody. To date, I haven’t touched my running shoes neither glimpse at my bikes, and KLIM is just around the corner. 

Minggu ni was out of ordinary. No workout at all. Totally flat out doing things other than running or cycling. After the cyclefest, I’ve decided that this week will be my rest & lazy week. To add to the commotion, I was struck with a soar throat on Tuesday…no way man, this is a ticket to a flu. Macam-macam aku buat nak prevent it from getting worse. Drank lots of water, makan honey, avoid oily food…pergh! Well, alhamdullillah it didn’t get worse but now I ended up with a running nose.

Within the same period, I was embarked with a few life time decision as well. Yes, as people said…to seek a greener pasture. Greener what…?. Well I hope I’ve made a justified decision to leave the current job. I can’t no longer stay with the flow. Aku kena swim out of it & find other options to reached downstream. The flow might be full of rapids, turbulance & maybe sharp stones & boulders. Kalau tak cukup 5 inci, tak berani aku nak layan…ekekekek.

Attended a job interview on Monday morning at a consultant firm in KL. The session was kind of a bit fruitful but yet to be confirmed, especially the pay. Afternoon pulak forwarded my CV to Khai through YM since he requested it.

Wed 28-Feb : Spent the whole afternoon beratur at Indonesion Embassy to collect bibik’s renewed passport. The experience was tormenting. No place for kids. Alhamdullillah bibik’s name called upon after almost 2 hours waiting. Got a call from the consultant requesting for a second interview….pulak! Tomorrow after 4pm.

Thur 1-March : It was raining cats and dogs as I was about to leave the office for the interview. Had to drive the site car. The interview went well, both parties kinda won the bargaining…at least for me. Took the offer letter, next to tender my resignation notice pulak dengan PECD. Surprisingly, as I reached back the office at 7.45pm, Tun informed that expected to be about 7 people will be resigning within this month…giler!

Friday (23-Feb) – Took the chance of watching the first most anticipated Marvel character movie for 2007…Mr. Torchy Head the Ghost Rider, not forgetting Nicholas Cage, my all time favourite Hollywood star from Gone in 60 seconds, The Rock & Face Off. Ramai orang at the cinema sama2 nak watch the movie, maybe sebab CNY cuti sekolah seminggu. Obviously we can tell whether he or she is a Marvel fan or simply saja-saja tengok macam tengok movies yang lain.

The start of it was the same as other earlier Marvel movies i.e. Spiderman, X-men, Hulk, Fantastic 4 where the comic pages flips continued by a PS2 simulation motorcycle ride through the tunnel of fire. The young Johnny Blaze & Roxanne almost had the same look as Nicolas Cage & Eva Mendes although other movie critics say otherwise. The love affair between them was plain simple, rasa macam tak berbaloi pulak nak tunjuk. Maybe sebab nak selit2kan dengan part macam mana Johnny boleh terjebak dengan perjanjian devil. Obviously the intro was kind of humdrum. Terasa macam tengok movie tahun 70-an pulak.

Then bila Johnny dah became Nicholas Cage, ok la jugak since the story tells us that even he attempted numerous crazy death defying daredevil stunts, he’s still alive…sebab he’s being “guarded”. Kemunculan Blackheart & kuncu-kuncunya boleh tahan menyeramkan especially masa the bargirl menyorok behind the bar after the knowing the whole bar was killed…aku hampir kecikkan mata sikit sebab takut terkejut…hahaha. Blackheart’s style was brutal tapi ke-brutal-an dia tak ditunjuk secara detail.

How Johnny Blaze transformed into the Ghost Rider was a recall from American Werewolve in London, something that Nicholas Cage is good at. However, the fight scene between Ghost Rider & Blackheart’s gang should be better like Spidey vs Doc Oc. Muka2 kuncu2 Blackheart semua dahsyat mcm model tapi senang je kalah dgn Ghost Rider…apa raaa? Finally the fight with Blackheart himself pun macam sempoi sangat.

Overall, aku rasa the movie sepatutnya boleh lebih detail untuk dimuatkan dalam time 2 jam tu instead of trying to squeeze in unnecessary stuff. Sungguh rasa terkilan tengok Nicholas Cage & Ghost Rider, both are strong characters berada dalam weak story line.

However, we shall wait other Marvel heroes this year i.e. Fantastic 4 & Spiderman 3. Not forgetting Transformers by Michael Bay.

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